A reporter for the Democrat & Chronicle reached out to ask Andrew questions about his priorities and positions. We wanted to give you the full answers here:

Andrew Hollister for City Council

1. What is your No. 1 priority, if elected?

If elected, my number one priority will be job growth within the city limits. I’ll work to make sure that the easiest part of opening a business and creating jobs is working with city government, not the hardest. The process should be a seamless as possible. I want to see more businesses looking to start in our neighborhoods. so that jobs are accessible to the many people in our city who lack transportation. The best way to bring jobs back to our city is giving entrepreneurs the space to do what they do best.

2. What is the greatest strength and, conversely, the greatest weakness of the City Council?

City Council’s greatest weakness today is that it has been under single party rule for decades. A governing body with a limited perspectives risks becoming a stagnant echo chamber. We need to try something different.

City council’s greatest potential strength is to be able to set Rochester’s policy agenda by controlling spending priorities. Often, city council becomes a rubber stamp for the Mayor’s budget. Over time, this pattern has left Rochester mis-prioritizing funding; leaving our city economically inert and costing us millions to service debt each year. City Council needs more skeptical voices in this process.

3. What have you learned about this community during the campaign, and how will that affect your service?

Getting to know so many new people in Rochester has been an incredibly rewarding experience. They’ve shared their hopes, fears, and frustrations with me. But what I’ve seen the most is that economic anxiety in Rochester runs far deeper than many of our political leaders acknowledge. The desperation for more jobs was even stronger than I initially realized; voters are willing to give up just about anything to see politicians take action on bringing jobs to our city, even if it means sacrificing long-term stability for short-term achievements. It’s truly heartbreaking to see, but reaffirms my drive to do the unglamourous work of building a strong economy the right way and fighting for policies that give the next generations of Rochestarians a much brighter future.

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