I got a chance to speak to the riders at the Monroe County ABATE Flag Day Freedom Rally before they road off. Here’s what I had to say:

I’m glad that there are people standing up for what our flag stands for. Because we live in a time where those who stand on our flag and burn it are held up by the media and hate groups as heroes.


We have people who have truly lost the meaning and the purpose of the US flag. The flag is the symbol of our freedom, our liberty, and the greatness of the American people.


Our patriotic colors each have a distinct meaning:

  • White: Purity & Innocence
  • Red: Hardness & Valor
  • Blue: Vigilance, Perseverance, & Justice


Each of these colors symbolize the American way.


I’m running for City Council in a place that many have written off as a place that cannot be saved.


I’m running because I want my children to grow up in Rochester knowing and feeling the freedom that our flag represents.


I want my children to grow up in a City where saying the pledge in school isn’t frowned upon or discouraged.


And I want my children to grow up in the city knowing that I did my part to further the cause of liberty in our local government.