At the most recent City Council session, many taxi drivers asked Rochester City Council to level the playing field for them by imposing a long list of regulations and fees on Uber drivers – the same regulations and fees taxi drivers have to pay today.

This is one example of many, that small businesses are oppressed by our overbearing local and state government through regulations and fees.

As your City Councilman, I would instead propose that we ELIMINATE the long list of fees and regulations that current taxi drivers have to deal with. This will create the level playing field they are requesting for both them and Uber drivers, allowing them to take more of their hard-earned money home to their families. Other cities in the US have successfully pioneered the reduction of taxi regulations (San Jose and Los Angelos to name a couple) and there is no reason why Rochester cannot move forward by doing the same.

“Taxicab regulation . .  . is actually used as a textbook example of regulatory failure. As a result, taxi regulation often produces results that are the exact opposite of what was intended.”
– Case for Taxi Regulation Reform by the Mercatus Center of George Mason University