On Tuesday night I spoke before City Council on Term Limits in the City of Rochester. Here is what I had to say:


“Good Evening City Council and all who have attended. My name is Andrew Hollister I am an active voter, small business owner, and a lifelong city resident.


On August 9th, 2016 each of you voted Yes on a resolution that in your own words promotes community involvement, engagement, new service opportunities, and fresh perspectives.


This resolution imposed term limits on volunteer boards and commissions. I would like to commend you on taking that step forward for our city and our community.I would like to ask you to make this same change for ALL elected offices in our City Government.


As an active community member, I want community involvement, engagement, new service opportunities, and fresh perspectives in more than volunteer boards and commissions. I want this in our government as well. So I challenge each of you to take another step forward and impose a two-term limit on all elected positions in Rochester including you yourselves on City Council and the Mayor.


Thank you.”


Career politicians are a big problem in Rochester. Many who have served on our City Council have been in office for over a decade. This changes our public servants into career politicians who become detached from the average Joe. An example I recall is that during a recent interview on WXXI one of the current City Council members stated that he wanted to be more in touch with our community so he purchased a small business. As a small business owner who built his business with years of hard work through the recession that comment showed me how truly detached he was. Thinking that to understand people like me he could buy someone else’s hard work. Term limits are a must to protect Rochester’s community and to ensure that we have new voices and fresh minds in our local government.

To support Term Limits in Rochester sign our petition here

Read the article in favor of term limits for OTHER government positions on page two written by City Council last year.

Read the passed resolution for term limits on OTHER government positions passed by City Council last year (page 9 & 10).